The Author and Illustrator

Thomasi is an Amsterdam based visual artist in the fields of design and, illustration who wants to provide a solution for families, home owners and survivalists to organize all their items for preparations. Thomas learned the basics of emergency planning at young age.

Planning and prepping is something me and my partner do on a small scale. We have a bug out bag and some emergency items in the car.
My partner has a large garden at the backside of her house. She lives in the suburbs of North Holland nearby the steel industry area.
There's lots of heavy-duty traffic. Large trucks with containers filled with all kinds of chemicals. It’s a place that sometimes makes us think:

What if…?

Living in an area with lots of industrial activity, one has to think about emergency planning. And that’s what I did.
While making the bug out bag and the car ready and working in the garden I often thought how handy it would be if we had some sort of overview of all things. Some sort of organizer.
An all in one book, including some tips and know-how’s.
The idea of the Pready was born.

My education at younger age included survival knowledge. Making this organizer is a great project to work on. I love to do it. Writing, illustrating and designing. The joys of creating something that hopefully can help people during emergency situations. Something I can relate to. Working on the Pready had also some difficult moments. I had to think about worst case scenario’s. Thinking about how to design visual communication (graphic design) for the reader who needs fast and easy access to information while there’s chaos around. This made me realize more the value of the survival organizer.

I hope that nobody has to use it. But it’s always better to be Pready.

Amsterdam is the city where I grew up. Studied audio visual design at the Gerrit Rietveld art academy and worked for web, design and other companies. Since young age I went to various countries for holidays, mostly south of France for camping and hiking and learning the basics of survival. The Pready Organizer is the first book I wrote, illustrated and designed. I consider the Pready not really a book. It does contain various written chapters regarding survival tricks and how-to-do’s, but the organizing factor for the reader is the leading feature of this ‘book’. This makes the Pready different compared to other survival books.


Pready Survival Organizer
Pready Survival Organizer Wire-O Version